September 9, 2007 – File Under: It Works

Joel Salatin would be proud of this cheap and easy temporary turkey shelter.  The turkeys used to be in the “turkey tractor” (the moveable pen that is now upside down on the old hay wagon).  But they were getting too big, so I just put a tarp over part of the wagon for rain protection, put the tractor on top as a rain porch for the food, hung the waterer on and voila – a movable turkey resaurant, hotel, and umbrella.

I had thought of building a small shelter for the food and turkeys, but this was much quicker and probably better than a portable shelter that would be prone to blow-over and perhaps not as easy to move as this one, already on wheels.  The turkeys are all within a fence that keeps big critters like dogs and coyotes out, so they are free to roam a fairly wide range.

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