August 26, 2007 – One BIG Local Meal Arrives

Finally, the meal begins!  We’re not sure exactly how many people ate, but it may have been around 110.
The first people move through the local food line.  We used up all the plates and forks! The dishes all had notecards explaining what the dish is and the source of the food.

This is one dish that Iowans can eat locally year-round – salsa and corn tortilla chips.  I enjoyed eating from the mobile salsa tray!

Finally, the meal is over and the event grand organizer can breathe a sigh of satisfaction following a first-time event pulled off successfully.

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August 25, 2007 – One BIG Local Meal Prep

Today the preparations started for the all-Iowa lunch after church tomorrow. As part of the focus on sustainability this month in church, we helped plan a local meal for the congregation – so they could taste what local cooking can be and be mindful of where their food comes from.

When you start out with fresh, local ingredients, it’s hard to go wrong.

This meal was from scratch – we even picked up flour from Paul’s Grains in Laurel and the crew made pasta from scratch.

It was an afternoon of cooking, fun (and even some impromptu dancing) to get ready for the meal the next day. The woman Claire is dancing with is a good person to know – she was born in Venezuala and then moved to Italy before ending up here. Now there’s some cuisine! Linda decided that being this kind of church lady is a good thing!

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August 24, 2007 – Fancy Fowl

Claire and Emma pooled some of their money to buy some fancy and rare breeds of guinea hens and chickens. They ordered them from Sandhill Preservation Center, a place devoted to the continuation of rare breeds of fowl and heirloom seeds.

This is a Partridge Silkie. This will be a small, fancy chicken with feathered feet (you can already see the feathers on the feet!)

Now, I know some of the skeptics out there may think this may be a copycat attempt to cash in on the good fortune of the folks at Sugar Creek Farm who won a trip to Hollywood and Disneyland with the Chicken Little crew, all just for having a picture of a silkie on their blog! It’s a fun story and you can see part of the story at their site. The girls just liked this chicken and we can only hope that Chicken Little 2 gives us a call!

We think this is a Coral Blue Guinea keat. They ordered about 12 of each – so now there is be even more diversity on the farm!

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August 22, 2007 – Dog Agility

Emma loves her dog – Maizie.

Here she is working with Maizie on some dog agility maneuvers.  For a little dog, she can really jump – she can regularly clear the top level of the jump.  She’s now about two and starting to settle down a bit and learning what it takes to be a good dog here.  A couple of rounds of dog obedience lessons, some videos from “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan, and she’s on her way – not there yet, but much closer than a year ago. 

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