August 28, 2007 – Claire’s 1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Claire.  Now she’s really a high schooler – a sophomore this year.

On these landmark kinds of days, it’s hard to accept that our colicky little baby will be flying the nest in three more years!

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3 thoughts on “August 28, 2007 – Claire’s 1st Day of School

  1. Wow! What an observant comment! I’m not sure how you distinguish it from the case from a distance – must be a real music lover. Yes, after Claire hung with the entry-level clarinet through ninth grade, we did spring for a used Buffet case and clarinet.

  2. I actually went to music school for clarinet performance mt first year of college.

    After carrying that clarinet case with me everywhere I went for several years, I can spot
    one a mile away!

    I sold that clarinet to pay for medical school applications. I still miss it 🙁

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