August 25, 2007 – One BIG Local Meal Prep

Today the preparations started for the all-Iowa lunch after church tomorrow. As part of the focus on sustainability this month in church, we helped plan a local meal for the congregation – so they could taste what local cooking can be and be mindful of where their food comes from.

When you start out with fresh, local ingredients, it’s hard to go wrong.

This meal was from scratch – we even picked up flour from Paul’s Grains in Laurel and the crew made pasta from scratch.

It was an afternoon of cooking, fun (and even some impromptu dancing) to get ready for the meal the next day. The woman Claire is dancing with is a good person to know – she was born in Venezuala and then moved to Italy before ending up here. Now there’s some cuisine! Linda decided that being this kind of church lady is a good thing!

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