August 12, 2007 – Iowa State Fair Day

Today we went to the Iowa State Fair.  Since it was so hot, we decided to try something a bit different.  Rather than battle 100,000 or so people for a place to park, eat, and stand in line in the heat, we arrived there about 5:00 pm and stayed into the evening, to experience the fair after dark.

There was virtually no line at the butter cow, at the big boar and farrowing exhibit, and other places there are usually long lines.  We’ll do that time period again!

Of course, you can get nearly anything on a stick at the fair.

But to my mind, the coolest is the new “Energy on a Stick.”  Over a year, this wind turbine will produce enough electricty to run all the power needs for the 11 day run of the state fair – midway, lights, cooling etc.  In total, it will provide 1/4 of the fairground’s annual power needs (the grounds are open to other events year-round). 

We always look at the displays and compare the blue ribbon winners to stuff at our farm and think that if we ever were organized enough, we may do quite well!

This morning Linda and I presented the service at church where we talked about the sustainability of local foods.  So today was a bit of a relief day after getting ready for the service and party simultaneously.  The service was well received – we even got applause at the end!  Dennis Keeney, former director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture was in attendance and thanked us as well. 

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2 thoughts on “August 12, 2007 – Iowa State Fair Day

  1. I tried my best to explain to my fellow soldiers about the butter cow and the Iowa State Fair. Some of them understood, others thought it was crazy.
    I have my DVD collection with me which means I can partake in my annual watching of State Fair, the musical about the Iowa State Fair.

    Is there anything written out from your presentation on local foods? I just got done reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral and am anxious to get to the farmers’ market when I get back to Iowa.

  2. Joel,

    I’ll see if I can post the notes – you’ll be glad to know that we quoted Barbara Kingsolver and
    a thought from the book became one of the centerpieces.

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