August 11, 2007 – Party on the Farm!

In our quest to remain the undisputed “Live Music Capital of Logan Township,” (of course a township is a block of land 6 x 6 miles) we hired the Blue Moon Players and threw a party.  We hope this is the first of many such summer events.  There’s something nice about live music out in the country, with the wide-wide world of the farm and barn for the kids to run wild in. The older folks can forego the games of Sardines or capture the flag by sitting in the shade and listening to some great music.

For my money, any time you’ve got an upright string bass propped up on your hay wagon, you’re living the good life!  The day was incredibly hot, but we all managed just fine.

Of course, no party is complete without a spread of food, so here’s the food table showing some of the delights of a midwestern potluck in August.

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