August 10, 2007 – Claire in Boston, Part 2

We spent an afternoon on the Freedom Trail in Boston seeing historical grave yards, churches, and Paul Revere’s house. Among the most famous churches we saw included the Old North Church and King’s Chapel.

This is Paul Revere’s grave. We saw a bell that had a sign next to it that said that the bell was warranted for 12 months. It’s still working!

We also saw the House of Seven Gables about which Nathaniel Hawthorn’s popular book was written.

We spent a large portion of time in Salem. This is me with a new buddy of mine at the Pirate Museum.

It is a bit of a tradition for our group to pilgrimage to Ben and Jerry’s every night (and sometimes morning) for ice cream. The last night, we divided into two teams to conquer the Vermonster- a delicious 20 scoops of ice cream with tons of toppings, bananas, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Above pictured is my team, before we conquered the mighty beast.

It was an excellent trip- I couldn’t have asked for better

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