August 1, 2007 – Bridges

Tonight about 7:00 my sister called me and asked if I knew where my brother was (he lives in the Twin Cities) and she was worried that she couldn’t reach him via his cell or home phone.  She was relieved to find out that he was in Orlando with his family, so she could quit worrying that he was on the bottom of the Mississippi River off the I-35W bridge.

Just a couple of days ago, Claire and GJ were so struck by the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River in Burlington, IA that they stopped to take some snapshots of it. 

The tragic collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis hits home to many people, no matter where they live.  Most of us cross a bridge over a river daily and we can all easily put ourselves in the place of the folks who were on that bridge when it collapsed.

As a native Minnesotan, (and now Iowan), I-35 is easily the Interstate I have most traveled.  I spent much time at the northern end, in Duluth, MN and been as far south on it as San Antonio, TX.  I still drive on it every day I go to work.  Linda grew up in the Twin Cities, so we have both been over that bridge countless times.  It’s just amazing to me it could drop in a flash.

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