July 7, 2007 – Garlic Harvest Begins

The garlic harvest began yesterday.

Here Emma holds a handful of recently dug garlic. We try to pull it when only 3-5 green leaves remain.
To cure it, we drag it up into the hayloft and set it on some raised grates from old refrigerators (these old fridge grates have many uses around the farm and they’re free!)

one year ago…

2 thoughts on “July 7, 2007 – Garlic Harvest Begins

  1. Hey guys…I am confused about the garlic…I could swear that a guy on the next block over was growing garlic in his flower bed…but it was at the top of a tall stem, not underground…am I nuts?? (is he?)

  2. Sue Ellen,

    Garlic grows like onion – underground! The top of the stems can produce a seed ball
    that may look like garlic from a distance – but we cut off the seed pod from the tops
    so the garlic puts all its energy into the garlic.

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