June 29, 2007 – Welcome Facets Readers!

Today Linda and the girls were featured in a monthly magazine published by the Ames Tribune – the July version of Facets.  As soon as I can get a link up, I will.  This issue focused on “green women” in central Iowa.


Linda contributed “little green gems” numbers 51-63 in the issue.  The only correction we would make to the article is the photo captions switched Claire and Emma!  Thanks to Sue Ellen for making the drive out and meeting with the girls of high hopes.

In other news today, A little birdie told Linda that a local foundation contributed $75,000 to the Entrepreneurial and Diversified Agriculture program that Linda founded at Marshalltown Community College. Â More good news may be on the way soon as the farm bill and other federal appropriations are announced.  She has worked extremely hard to get this program off the ground and do her part to support sustainable agriculture in this part of the earth. More on that in upcoming weeks.

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2 thoughts on “June 29, 2007 – Welcome Facets Readers!

  1. I just returned from a weekend family reunion in Chicago and was catching up on newspapers (I saved Facets for last as it’s one of my favorites), when I came upon the wonderful article of your family. I’ve known you for years and watched Claire, Emma and Martin grow…although sporadically and briefly you could say. I’m Anne, Dr. Paschen’s nurse, and it was exciting to read all the wonderful things you’ve done. Put me on your list whenever you get an Ames delivery! I love the flowers, and I’ve been known to drool for raspberries (my favorite). Congratulations on your successes, and keep up the wonderful work! Anne

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