June 22, 2007 – Rain At Last

The rain that’s skipped over us the last few weeks graced us today and left a rainbow in its wake. 

Over 2 inches fell from the skies – enough to keep us going another week or so.

Days like this I wish for my old 35mm camera. I haven’t yet sprung for a good digital camera and I missed the old one with its arrays of filters and lenses that would have made these rainbow shots much more lifelike.

Emma was on her first official babysitting gig this evening while the storm rolled through.  It knocked the power out for about 45 minutes, but she and the kids handled it with excitement rather than fear.

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One thought on “June 22, 2007 – Rain At Last

  1. Hi! My name is Dino (geologist) and I live with my family (Amy-special ed teacher, Cotlon-3yr, and Carly 2-yrs) in Lancaster, NY. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading though your blog (I’ve been home in bed for the last three weeks suffering with a lower back injury). My family and I have been learning lots as we “work” our land…a meager 15 acres over the past 6 yrs. We have planted a 40×80′ organic garden and have planted ~2,000 different trees (pines and hardwoods in an effort to naturalize our property), two orchards, and a large raspberry patch…I found your site while searching for a remedy for little yellow/white worms in our berries. We want to attempt raising chickens for eggs next year.

    If possible, would mind if I contact you in the future with any farming-related, etc questions (i.e. like how to rid our raspberries of the little yellow worm)?

    Again, great blog! Thanks and happy farming!


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