June 11, 2007 – Cherries!

We have one cherry tree that produced this year (we are grateful as many trees around here have no fruit because of the late cold snap).

This photo shows cherries in various forms of processing – cherries right off the tree, cherries pitted, and the cherry pitter full of pits.  These cherries are destined for cherry jam.

Martin insisted on getting in a picture as well!

one year ago…

4 thoughts on “June 11, 2007 – Cherries!

  1. My goodness! Those look yummy! I didn’t realize that cherries ripen this early in the year. How many pounds/bushels do you usually get off of one tree? What variety of cherry is this?

  2. This is a Northstar Cherry. It is a smaller tree, about 10-12 feet tall and we’ve never
    actually monitored the yield, but I estimate it produces about 2-3 gallons of cherries.

  3. I am pea green with envy!! I planted a sweet cherry and a Montmorency sour cherry tree this year…but between the nibbling dear, our drought and the darn Japanese Beetles the dears are surely struggling along! Enjoy your bounty!!

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