June 5, 2007 – Farm View Series #2 SE Corner

Today is the second in a series of views of the farm. I went to each corner of the property (and the midpoints) and took photos in different directions. The following views are from the SE corner of the property.

This is from the SE corner shooting diagonally towards the NW. You’ll notice the corn crib is reroofed and all but about 80% of one side resided – that’s a fall/early winter project. The project that is next outbuilding-wise is the renovation of the south side of the hog barn – the north side is tight and re-roofed, but the south is falling apart.  Right now my time is devoted to the house, so it will sit a bit longer.

This is the view looking due west from the SE corner. Just over the rise is a small orchard, trellised berries and a garden.

Finally, this is the view due north from the SE corner. It shows the first row of trees along this boundary.

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