June 30, 2007 – Trees Gone Wild!

The trees that are in their third year in the ground at high hopes are really taking off this year.

This tree is typical of that year of trees.  It has sent a leader skyrocketing 21 inches-many of the other trees have experienced similar growth.  This year’s seedlings, while not sending up that much, have 3-4 inches of growth.  They must be happy with the intermittent, but heavy rains we’ve experienced this season.

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June 29, 2007 – Welcome Facets Readers!

Today Linda and the girls were featured in a monthly magazine published by the Ames Tribune – the July version of Facets.  As soon as I can get a link up, I will.  This issue focused on “green women” in central Iowa.


Linda contributed “little green gems” numbers 51-63 in the issue.  The only correction we would make to the article is the photo captions switched Claire and Emma!  Thanks to Sue Ellen for making the drive out and meeting with the girls of high hopes.

In other news today, A little birdie told Linda that a local foundation contributed $75,000 to the Entrepreneurial and Diversified Agriculture program that Linda founded at Marshalltown Community College. Â More good news may be on the way soon as the farm bill and other federal appropriations are announced.  She has worked extremely hard to get this program off the ground and do her part to support sustainable agriculture in this part of the earth. More on that in upcoming weeks.

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June 27, 2007 – Milestones!

Today our baby girl got her driver’s permit!  We’re hoping that the clutch holds up in the Prizm and we’re not quite ready to let her drive the new van yet.  She drove to the post office on her first trip and library on her second trip.  I’m alive to blog so you know the drive must have been successful! In typical Claire fashion, she wanted to let everyone know that her shirt does not say Wal-Mart, it says “Mall-Wart – Your source for cheap plastic cr#$”
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