May 4, 2007 – House Under Cardinal Attack!

A pair of cardinals are building a nest in the shrubbery less than two feet from our big picture window.  The male bashes up against the window thousands of times daily.  At first I was worried the cardinal would hurt itself, now it is just annoying!  Evidently, each time he is successful in warding off the intruding cardinal (his reflection), so it goes, over and over. 

We’ve tried closing the curtains, pasting Martin’s artwork on the window, and hanging a dishtowel outside to wave in the wind, but he is very determined.  He escorts his lady each time she gathers a piece of nesting material and when she comes back to weave it in the nest, the attack begins. 

Here he is during a quiet moment.  I hope the nest is successful – we can see directly into the nest through the window and it would be cool to see the eggs and hatchlings, but the nest is only a few feet off the ground, so I’m guessing at some point the eggs or baby birds will end up as cat food.

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