April 24, 2007 – Congrats to the Hermnivores!

Yesterday, Claire’s “Envirothon” team from Marshalltown High School (The Hermnivores) competed at the state Envirothon competition. Here’s a description of the program from the sponsor web site:

The Envirothon is a team competition for high school students. In the field and classroom, teams of five students are challenged to use their knowledge and critical thinking skills to conduct hands-on investigations, solve real-life scenarios and answer written questions covering five categories: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife, Soils, and Current Environmental Issues. The Iowa Envirothon is a state-wide program developed in conjunction with the National Envirothon policies, with the top team in the state representing Iowa at the Nationals. Past participants have equated the Envirothon to the competitions Odyssey of the Mind, and Mock Trial.

Claire’s team placed 2nd in the state, just behind Decorah, and ahead of Iowa City (any time a school from this part of the state can beat a school in Iowa City, it proves things are right in the world)! It is nice to know that Claire and her peers can stand academically with any other school in the state!┬á If for any reason the Decorah team can’t make the national competition, the Hermnivores will go.

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