April 21, 2007 – First Round of Garden Planting

Today was a rare day.  The spring garden was ready to receive plantings, we were all home, all day, and all the equipment ran as expected.

Here’s bit of a new idea for us that you probably can’t see too well yet.  In the middle is a straight trellis of sorts for sweet peas for cut flowers – on either end are cattle panels “hooped” up to make tunnels – vining crops can go up the trellis and we can plant spring crops like broccoli and cabbage underneath.

Today, among other things, we planted potatoes, onions, and the rest of the strawberries (Claire dug the last 70 holes).  I filled up our 2 new raised beds that some chickens were perched over last summer with black soil, put a locking latch in the barn as Nellie has learned to unhook the latch with her nose! Sharpened the blades on the mower deck and even had to mow part of the yard where the grass was getting long.

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