April 20, 2007 – Putting Down Roots

Once you figure out which side is down and up, even a five year old can be a great asset in planting strawberries.  Out current patch is starting to decline as some grasses have invaded from the corners and rather than burn them out with grass herbicide, we will move the patch to fresh ground and cover the old patch with cardboard and straw to kill the old berries and grass.  It takes a couple of years to get a patch into production, so this will be the last year for the old, and will give the new patch a time to settle in.

The roots on strawberries are fairly long and each one needs a hole about 6 inches or more deep.  We ordered 200 new plants and put about 130 in today.

The varieties we put in today are Earliglow, Honeoye, Mesabi, and Jewel.  We order our strawberries from Nourse Farms – they provide a handy variety comparison chart for berry varieties.  We’ve been happy with their berries (straw and rasp) over the years.

We also got 5 new fruit trees in the mail the same day (4 peaches and a nectarine) to replace the trees we lost in the ice storm and got those in the ground as well. 


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