April 10, 2007 – Claire and Emma Visit Wind Farm

Today Emma and I (Claire) went with the 4-H Jr. Conservationists to visit a wind farm in Blairsburg, Iowa. 

The farm has over one hundred wind turbines located on farmland in the area.  I went representing the high school Envirothon team, along with 2 other members of the team.  We learned a great deal of information to help us with our presentation for the state competition. 

Here’s a picture of me and the other two envirthon members that went on the field trip.

The wind turbines were much larger than they appeared.  The base was the size of a small room and had a ladder leading to the top.  This picture is one of 2 platfroms inside the turbine for workers to rest on.  It’s about 85 feet above us to the first platform.

This is my friend (let’s call her “Polly”) posing against the turbine. On the trip we also visited the Calkins Nature Center.

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