April 2, 2006 – Willows in the Ground

My day was outlined for me when the mailman brought a package of willow cuttings.

Tomorrow, I’ll go into more details about the varieties, but today it was important to get them in the ground.  (Note to self – they are planted in the order of the photo.)We have a wide swath of lowland that is temporarily wet in the spring and after a big rainstorm.  We hope to start a small nursery here where we can propogate the varieties that do well for us as ornamentals, goat browse, or willow baskets/furniture (or all three).

I was lucky today was not windy, so I could get the landscape fabric out without turning it into a sail.  If you look closely, you’ll see little sticks poking out of the fabric.  To plant, when it is this wet, just stick them into the ground and they root. 

The completed (except for fencing and more mulch after the willows grow) willow nursery.

A little time, mulch, and some wet and muddy knees, and the willows are tucked.

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