March 31, 2007 – March In AND Out Like a Lion!

This year March came in and went out like a lion. March came in with the double-whammy of the ice storm and snow storm and left with powerful winds in the neighborhood.

We barely missed watching this garage, whose remains are pictured above, explode.  It was a big errand day (I drove 165 miles today, with no one trip more than 15 miles).  One of the errands was picking up Claire from school after a quiz bowl and driving to State Center for an appointment with a tax accountant. 

As we were leaving Marshalltown, the front moved through, with blinding rain and some wind.  About three miles before this scene, the rain stopped and we saw this building wrecked and its contents spewed across Highway 30 and Hart Avenue, about 4 miles north of Melbourne.  Claire snapped this picture from the car as we drove by (slowly).  It just happened a few minutes earlier as the storm was a very narrow band.  I submitted it to KCCI TV and friends alerted us that they saw Claire’s photo of storm damage on the 10:00 news.

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