March 17, 2007 – Leaving SXSW

It was back home today.  A parting shot of the scene in Austin.  This is 6th Street, the main entertainment district in town – blocked off to traffic for about 8 blocks and full of people most of the time.

You never know “Who” you will see on the streets.

Here’s Pete Townsend on his way somewhere else.

All in all, it was a rather overwhelming few days of music.  Like the space between atoms, it’s hard to get your mind around so much music at any one time.  I enjoyed the sponteneity and “non-packaged” nature of the performers and performances.  Most were winging it, discussing what song to play only after finishing the previous one.  Not one performer made mention of CDs for sale in the back (if they even had any – I didn’t see any tables) and the physical and virtual space that separates most of today’s concerts and tours was absent as musicians switched between performer and audience. One night you’ll be standing next to a performer you’ll see the next night, the next night a member of the Replacements will be next to you or you’ll walk by Pete Townsend on the street.

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2 thoughts on “March 17, 2007 – Leaving SXSW

  1. Great photo of Pete – he really is British, isn’t he – look how dapper he is. Gotta love him. Sound like you had a great time. Some great photos, too.

    Maybe I could go down with you some year…


  2. this is why I don’t blog… or write letters – can’t edit to save my life.

    meant to write “sounds” with an s…at the end. Guess what I do for a living?

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