March 12, 2007 – The Batholith

Today we visited the Enchanted Rock park, home to the 2nd largest batholith in the US. For the geologically challenged, a batholith is a solid mass of granite-like rock that cools miles under ground.  Half-dome in Yosemite is another batholith.  On the way to the batholith, we needed to cross a creek that usually has stepping stones across.  Because of the high water, we needed to wade across.  Only a few hours earlier, the water had been about 4 feet higher in this creek.

We pittied the jr. high group that had been camping in the overnight deluge, trudging back to the park, wet bags and packs in tow.

Some of the cactus were in bloom as well.

Linda standing near the top of the batholith.

Here’s a great view of the exfoliation (weathering) of the granite eroding like giant puzzle pieces. These pieces are taller than I am.

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