March 11, 2007 – Smokin’ in Texas (Again)

Faithful readers may recall that the last time we were in Texas, we went to an Austin favorite called the Oasis on Lake Travis.  We were among the last customers to leave when the place closed at night and when we woke up, the top story on the local news was spectacular footage of the Oasis burning down.

That brings us to today.  Our guide book recommended the Hilltop restaurant as the best bet for dinner.  It is an old gas station converted into restarurant, owned by a member of the band Asleep at the Wheel, who performs there as well.  As we were driving there, we passed an old fire truck with lights blazing.  I felt bad passing a fire truck, but it was a steep hill and the truck was only going 40 mph.  I joked to Linda that the truck was probably heading to the Hilltop!  When we arrived, there were already three trucks, EMT, and cops surroundig the place.  Evidently, a fire had started in the attic and filled the place with smoke.  So, our reservations were up in smoke.  Linda and I are thinking of picking out Texas restaurants and asking for gift certificates to their competitors!

Earlier in the day we went to the Lost Maples state park in the Hill Country and went for about a 5-mile hike through the hills in the periodic rain.

On the way home we stopped at Stonehege II.

Evidently, the creator of this had nothing better to do than create a 60% scale version of Stonhenge in his pasture.  For good measure, he also added some Easter Island statues.

The night turned stormy – with 3-4 inches of rain across the region with flooding and tornado watches.  I felt safe in the rock house!
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