February 26, 2007 – Storm Day 4

Today was Day 4 of the Storm. The day dawned cool and clear.

Some of the ice started to melt.

More of it clung stubbornly to the surfaces, like the ice to the hinge of this barn door.

I’m eager to start getting the mess cleaned up, but so many of the branches are encrusted in ice and snow, so I’ll wait until things melt a bit.  No more worries about enough wood for the solstice fires next December!

A partially melted growing tip of Emma’s Bur Oak.

The roads were good enough to get out today, so we went to Ames to shower. A two-mile stretch between Melbourne and Hwy 30 had a stretch of about a mile and half where all the power poles were snapped. In addition, we needed a break from dark cooking and clean-up so we went to town for dinner.

Still no power.
Reading by lamplight and candlelight. Thanks to GJ, we have a great selection of clean-burning beeswax candles!
Without electricity the corn stove doesn’t work (blowers and fans), so Martin and Linda get snuggle time.one year ago… 

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