February 25, 2007 – Storm Day 3

Today was Day 3 of the Storm. The big snow that was supposed to hit us fizzled out in favor of rain.  At about 4 am I awoke and heard dripping and went outside and found it was raining again, which meant more ice.

Here’s the east-facing dormer with its mantle of ice.

This utility truck thought it would be ok to turn around in the field and got mired in the mud under the ice/snow.  He didn’t seem too eager to accept any help and after about an hour of lifting himself up with the leveling pads and putting chains on, was able to crawl out.  Funny thing was, it wasn’t even the utility responsible for the lines on this road.

In the morning the battery-powered CO detector buzzed, so we all went outside. The generator must have been too close to the house, so I got another cord and moved it further away.  In the meantime it had warmed to above freezing and the wind stopped, so it was great snowman weather. We dragged the limbs away that had blocked the garage with the tractor and surveyed damage.

The ice on the east sides of buildings was very thick!  We even lost water pressure for a while – that was a bit unnerving to have no power and the threat of no water as well, but that was fixed in a few hours.  In the evening, for the first time since the storm hit, we saw lights on the horizon!

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