February 13, 2007 – Snow Sculptures

Today after some snow and wind, Martin and I went out to play in some of the drifts in the ditch. Upon looking at the photos his comment was “wind is so creative.” Indeed, the snow sculpting is very interesting.  Martin had fun until a “cave” we dug out of a drift collapsed on him.  Then it wasn’t quite as much fun! Â 

The morning was a bit hectic, we had two parents and three kids that needed to be in different places, which isn’t too unusual but the different places kept changing.  Emma has been sick for a while and today she took a turn for the worse, so I drove her to Ames through the blowing snow to see the doctor (strep throat), Martin and Claire had two-hour delays and while I was enroute to Ames, Martin’s school was cancelled, but Claire’s was not. Needless to say, I skipped work and it still wasn’t quite enough as Linda had to bring Martin to her lab until I could pick him up.

When I got home the driveway was drifted shut, so I had to get the tractor out to clear the drift.  It redrifted again a few hours later, so I had to do it again so Linda could get home. At least it was a day with some beauty!

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3 thoughts on “February 13, 2007 – Snow Sculptures

  1. Wow, those wind scultures *are* beautiful! We’re getting it here in NH right now, and my kids are home with me for Valentine’s day. Our snow is supposed to change over to oh-so-fun sleet/freezing rain tomorrow – yeah!

  2. So that’s where all the snow went that we were supposed to get. My kids were counting on a snow day yesterday. But you can have it. Really. (Beautiful snow sculptures, though!)

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