January 6, 2007 – Cooking for a Chef

It’s usually nice to bring a potluck item to a dinner, but tonight’s dinner was bit more daunting as one of the invitees spent a gig as Paul Newman’s personal chef. It was a diverse crowd – including folks from Japan and France. What to bring? Linda decided on a winter vegetables – braised cabbage with beet and apple. It was a fun evening.

Martin ended up with the trinket from the traditional Epiphany King Cake (a cake with a small trinket inside, and the person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket has various privileges and obligations.) For his part, Martin donned a home-made paper crown decorated liberally with glitter and got to pick his queen, and in an upset pick, chose Claire over Mom.

He took his responsibility seriously and insisted on wearing the crown to church and a basketball game the next day.

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