December 28, 2006 – Thingamajig Thusday #55

Ok, I’m not looking for candles as the answer to this thingamajig, but what this is and a story behind it.

Also check out last week’s answer.

As always, put your guess in a comment below.


This is a “Yule Log,” well a modified Yule Log since the “original” logs were meant to burn for a long time (when the log finished burning, the party was supposed to end) so this is a kindler, gentler version outfitted with candles with the yule colors.

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2 thoughts on “December 28, 2006 – Thingamajig Thusday #55

  1. Very nice!

    There may be one on my table next year!
    (if I remember!)
    Reminded me of the mushrooms!

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