December 21, 2006 – Winter Solstice

Today is the darkest day of the year – made dark even so much more so by the heavy overcast and fog. From here on until June 22, the day length gets longer. This was the most rewarding Solstice fire ever – mainly due to the fact that it had been raining for two days and the wood was very wet. I acquired a few extra gallons of fuel oil, anticipating the trouble, and even with 5 gallons, it barely started – but once it did, it was a spectacular fire!

We gathered around with candles and were amazed with the height and thousands of sparks flying out of the fire.

The fire was followed with a potluck meal. The house is lit only with white Christmas lights throughout – no regular lighting and it does turn into a rather magical place. We reckon about 75 people showed up, braving the drive in the night-time fog – a little bit fewer than previous years, but still a good turnout.

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