November 19, 2006 – Auction Goods

The biggest (and heaviest) item we bought at the auction was this big bale spear for $55.00.

We also got a pile of hog panels for $22.00.

A group of wooden folding chairs for $6.00.

An old doghouse for $2.00 (this saved me from having to make one for Maizie this winter!)

Other buys included a stetson hat nearly new in original box with a box of 100 file folders and 50 hanging file folders for 2 bucks.

A bunch of serving bowls and dishware, including corelle, a french mill coffee press for 2 bucks.

A box of piano, flute, and other instrument books and a pile of sheet music from the 40’s for one dollar.

About two dozen wine glasses for $2.

A huge white igloo cooler for $2. There’s a few more things I can’t remember. All in all, worth spending the better part of a day.

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