November 12, 2006 – Sunday Night Tradition

Sundays are one of the few days of the week with a fairly reliable schedule around here. Usually it’s church in the am – after that grandma jo fixes lunch at her place in Ames, perhaps an errand in town or socializing with others, then the Sunday night movie ritual.

The kids get to watch a half hour of TV/or computer each day except they get a movie on Sunday night with a plate of macaroni and cheese in front of them. Now that there is such a great age difference, Martin usually watches a different show on a portable DVD player. Right now, he is into the old “Superman” original animated episodes (like from the 50’s). Looking at his face while he watches is so interesting. First he looks so intent, so worried, as thought the world was about to end, then relief! These episodes have the cheesy graphics, story of bad guy/monster conquered by good guy. It’s perfect for his age. The DVD was in a discount rack at Target for a buck.
Mom and Dad watch a movie after the kids go to bed, and if they are too tired to watch a movie, they get out an old episode of Star Trek or Arrested Development. Linda makes pizza from scratch.

She’ll make a batch of dough all at once and throw them in the freezer. The corn stove is a good place for it to thaw. Sometimes, it’s the simple, reliable, regular things that wrap up the week and allow us to get ready for the upcoming week.

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