November 10, 2006 – Shirtsleeves One Day, Snow the Next!

Today turned winter – started with rain and wind, then sleet and wind, finally, snow and wind.

It was not a comfortable day to be outside. These times of transition, we’ve made up our own family myth of sorts to explain why one day you can be out in shortsleeves one day and the next day in winter coat.

The myth is that the seasons are fighting with each other. Every once in a while, winter tries to sneak into fall. Winter keeps trying to push in. Fall remains strong, but every once and a while fall isn’t vigilant and winter sneaks in.

Then fall returns, But winter keeps pestering and the interludes of winter in fall become more frequent, until finally, fall tires and winter comes. But fall, with its last gasp, manages to come back, infrequently, until spring makes some forays into winter… and so it goes, season after season. There’s not so much a calendar day that defines the seasons, but this seasonal tug of war on a teeter-totter as each season ebbs and flows in turn.

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