October 6, 2006 – Shrinking our Footprint

At some point it becomes necessary to quit complaining and just take care of your own house. Even if the Federal government doesn’t see the value in taking care of the house we depend on to live (earth), doesn’t mean that we as citizens have to go along. After my discovery at the renewable energy fair, just how inefficient some of our appliances are, this week three new appliances were delivered – a new chest freezer, fridge, and front-load washer. Although it’s never a good time to fork out cash for new ones, with three kids at home, our energy use will never be at a higher use, so the quicker we act, the more we save.

Martin’s new favorite pasttime is watching the clothes spin around through the door. He must have spent 20 minutes watching the first load – and with the controls on the front, he can now reach the buttons to start the washer – it’s never too early to get the young man excited about doing laundry!