September 2, 2006 – Honey Extraction

Today was honey extraction day. We went out in mid-afternoon to rob the honey from the hives while many of the bees were out foraging, loaded the frames in the back of the truck and parked it a distance from the house, so the bees wouldn’t find it and start stealing the honey back.

After the bees went to bed for the night, we drove the truck back and started extracting. The weather had just changed, and our near 80 degree day switched wind directions and dropped to the 50’s. We started the heater in the garage to make sure it was warm enough for the honey to flow.

The first step is “uncapping” the frames.

Here’s a beautiful full frame with the caps partially cut off.

The neighbors wanted to see the process, so they came over and here Marty and a visitor are in charge of the honey gate. The hot steamy garage and cool damp, dark outdoors made for a delightful contrast.

September 1, 2006 – First Month of Fall

Fall is here (at least if you are a soybean plant).

Some of the fruit trees are starting to lose some leaves and the small birds are starting to gather in flocks. The weather has cooled as well.

We won’t qualify for the Sherlock Holmes “observer of the month.” A few days ago our internet slowed to a crawl and I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, I went to look at the satellite receiver and, duh, saw the scaffolding we erected on the south side of the house between the dish and antenna in Melbourne.