September 5, 2006 – Show Us Your Fridge

A recent post at Sugar Creek Farm’s blog showing the inside of their refrigerator has inspired me. So without further ado, here is the fridge at high hopes.

The fridge cam has so inpired me, that I hope it may someday become on the list of everyone’s useless web sites. Things that separate this fridge from other people’s fridges:

1) 2nd shelf from top – mason jar with goat milk
2) 2nd door shelf from top – opened jar of 1/4 full home canned tomatoes (waiting to meet the compost pile
3) 4th shelf from top – plastic grocery bag with grapes from farmer’s market getting pre-crushed.

I have created a secondary blog, just to record the inside of people’s fridges. Please visit If a guy can make thousands of dollars by selling a pixel of his screen at a time, the sky is the limit with the fridge pics.