August 20, 2006 – Today’s Bounty

Fellow scavenger and bargain hunter neighbor calls me about 5:00 yesterday and informed me of this “rummage sale” at a former small state nursing home. Everything was for sale, but nothing was marked – it was make an offer.

The best bargain, I think, is an 8 ft long stainless steel table.

I did a quick check on e-bay and found a used one for $650.00, so I’m probably all right on that one. They wouldn’t sell me the stainless 3-section sink off the wall though.

I also got a couple of 5 foot bakers racks with about 5-6 shelves, two gym style locker towers, a CD player, some food service items (cookie sleeves, portion cups) and cases of old food for chicken food – chow mien noodles, oatmeal, ice cream cones and a bunch of other things. Total bill for everything $72.00.

It was a sad place – all the old beds, institutional-type furniture and dormitory-type rooms – even some people’s personal effects were boxed up in a closet – clothes, tapes, Christmas decorations etc. It was as if the place was closed suddenly and everything was just left as it was.