July 3, 2006 – Firefly/Lightning Bug Season

We’re in the middle of firefly season. Just before dark, thousands rise up from the fields. It is quite a sight, and although my camera is not able to capture their light, here’s a very cheesy photoshopped simulation of the fireflies over the garden!

It makes me wonder – this is only one kind of insect – just think if all the thousands of other kinds made themselves visible, what a parade of insect we’d see through the season and day.

July 2, 2006 – The Three Sisters

Even though Linda and I don’t have three sisters between us, we planted them this spring. The three sisters are corn, squash, and pole beans. We planted the corn first, waited a few weeks, and followed it up with the beans and squash.

Here are the anthers from the “Mandan Bride” variety of corn we planted.

Here’s another expression of the Mandan Bride corn.

Finally, here they are all together. The beans are starting to climb and the squash are just getting started. The idea is the squash smother the weeds, and the beans fix nitrogen for the corn and the corn offers the beans a place to climb.

July 1, 2006 – Next Year’s Vegetables

Check out next year’s vegetables!

This heaping pile of fertility is about to become compost for next year’s garden. Most of this pile was scraped out of the barn and chicken coop this morning. The tractor made it easy to haul and will make it easy to turn over and water, but scraping it out (by hand) was about the morning’s job.