July 16, 2006 – Story Corps Interview

Today I interviewed Linda for posterity’s sake in the mobile recording booth for the Story Corps project. Now, her story, at least up to age 45, will be archived in the Library of Congress!

The interview was about 40 minutes long, and recorded in the airstream trailer pictured above and photo pilfered from the Story Corps web site (I forgot my camera) and we left with a CD of the interview.

We played it for the girls on the way home. They were surprised to learn some things about their mother they never knew. Some day I may get around to putting it on the website, but not today. Today was a bit of a pick-up and put away day. Still lots to do – haven’t even started on the gardens yet. Wouldn’t you know the belt on my mower broke (the belt on the back-up broke last week), so it’s another trip to the JD dealer.

After the interview it was off to Morning Sun farm to pick up the 5 goats that we farmed out to the goat resort. It takes good people to take up milking of 2 goats for eight days!

I’ll back up and fill in the last week of missing entries soon.