June 25, 2006 – Jammin’

Today was a jammin’ day. We made a bunch o’ jam yesterday and today.

We made strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and cherry. All day the rain danced around us – there was enough to make puddles in Melbourne (3 miles away) it rained in Marshalltown for a few hours (12 miles away) and we didn’t get any until a small cloud gave a brief shower and we got 1/10 of an inch! At least enough to settle the dust for a day or so. It also added 100 gallons to the storage tank that runs off the barn.

June 24, 2006 – We Saw Rain!

We went to Des Moines this afternoon and drove through sheets of driving rain. However, the rain at our place is more like the desert “1 inch rainfall” – drops 1 inch apart.

Here’s the view of the day’s heaviest rainfall – the drops evaporate before they can wash the dust off the back window of the van.
The chickens are nearing their final flight into the freezer.

They are enjoying the sunny days. Today the girls stocked up on baking materials for farmers market, getting sugar and flour in 25 lb bags!
Nana came down for an early birthday party for Martin and made dirt cake in the back of a toy dump truck – very popular!

June 23, 2006 – StoryCorps

Perhaps some have you have heard about StoryCorps, the oral history project modeled after the WPA oral histories of the 1930s. There are two mobile recording studios that travel the country, and Ames, Ia is one of the stops. A friend alerted us to the stop is Ames, as I never imagined it would stop so close. By the time we got to the web site to register, there was one time left in the three weeks it would be there and we would be home – 5:30 Sunday July 16.

I’m going to interview Linda and to keep it somewhat spontaneous, not give her a list of specific questions, but themes and topics instead. The recordings will all go to the Library of Congress. Imagine hearing a history of someone in your family or the same place you live from 80 or more years ago.