June 30, 2006 – Martin/Daddy Matching Tractors!

Today is Martin’s 5th birthday. Many of his loved ones went together to get him a battery-powered scoop tractor, just like dad’s!

He’s having great fun helping around the farm – moving mulch, carrying tools, straw, or whatever else needs to be hauled.

He has not yet mastered the art of backing up with a trailer – maybe another day.

We also got for more lambs today.

Here’s Emma with one of the lambs. Now we have a total of six.

2 thoughts on “June 30, 2006 – Martin/Daddy Matching Tractors!

  1. These are great pictures. Looks like you have a great family and a great life even if it does require lots of hard work. I grew up on a farm. So I know a bit of how much work it takes. 🙂

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