June 23, 2006 – StoryCorps

Perhaps some have you have heard about StoryCorps, the oral history project modeled after the WPA oral histories of the 1930s. There are two mobile recording studios that travel the country, and Ames, Ia is one of the stops. A friend alerted us to the stop is Ames, as I never imagined it would stop so close. By the time we got to the web site to register, there was one time left in the three weeks it would be there and we would be home – 5:30 Sunday July 16.

I’m going to interview Linda and to keep it somewhat spontaneous, not give her a list of specific questions, but themes and topics instead. The recordings will all go to the Library of Congress. Imagine hearing a history of someone in your family or the same place you live from 80 or more years ago.