June 10, 2006 – Auction Day

I went to an auction for the first time in a long time today. It was a tough call as it was really cool (in the 50’s after a week of 90’s), so putting up ceiling insulation in the attic (without windows) was also calling. But I decided to go, in part, because it was raining and I thought the crowd would be a bit thinner. The auction is an annual event to raise money for the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Show. I can get there on all gravel roads, so it is good to drag things home. Most of the morning there were three auction rings going at once until they got to the big machinery.

I thought this old guy was a character (he was driving the auctioneer’s truck around). I don’t know how I managed to get a picture of him without a cigarette in his mouth!

There were hays racks full of treasure or junk, depending on your perspective. Here they are showing the merchandise up for bid.
The bidding gets hot and heavy as the ring men point out who has high bid. I ended up spending most of the day there and hauling things home at 15 mph.

Here’s a nice collection of burlap and seed bags – all bags $8.00. These were my favorites. Good local color from a Grinnell company – the town where we go to Farmer’s Market. I think one could more than pay back my entire bid price.

A nice pile of Dekalb seed corn bags.

More local color with these seed bags from Lynnville, Iowa.

I couldn’t pass up these metal emblems ($10) from John Deere tractors. They came along with a couple of side rails for a John Deere 2010 (whatever they are!)

This is an old animal chute. I bought it for the wheels and frame to make another trailer type. (A steal at $5)

Here’s a classic old wagon for whatever. Just needs one new tongue and groove floorboard on the bottom ($100).

Finally, a 6 foot blade that is VERY heavy, ready for use on the tractor ($30). I’m very pleased with this piece and especially the price.

After the auction it is off to Bruce Springsteen. More about that tommorrow…