May 21, 2006 – Travel Bug

Last summer Emma took a GPS class and part of the class was to hide a “travel bug” with instructions and an ID tag. For her travel bug, she appropriately chose a VW Bug. She hid the bug, logged onto the geo caching web site and left the coordinates along with instructions where she wanted the bug to go. She chose her bug to go to North Carolina, then the Boundary Waters near Ely, MN. She logged in to check the progress this weekend, and found a picture someone had posted of her bug on the North Carolina Coast!

So now it will head back to Minnesota. Each time someone finds it, they move it closer to its next destination. The person who finds it, goes to the web site, logs that they found it, perhaps takes a picture of it, and hides it further down the road and leaves the GPS coordinates for the next person to find.
Emma hid the bug June 17, 2005 in Central Iowa, since then, it has traveled the following circuitous path on its journey from Iowa -> North Carolina – > Minnesota:

Iowa (3 stops)
Minnesota (1 stop)
Missouri (2 stops)
Nebraska (2 stops)
Iowa (4 stops)
Pennsylvania (9 stops)
New Jersey (1 stop)
North Carolina (1 stop)
New York (1 stop)
You can track the progress of the Yellow Bug at the Geo Caching Web site.