May 6, 2006 – #$%&*# Stealth Frost

Don’t let the cheery lilac fool you – the tomatoes and peppers we put out yesterday looked, well, dead, today. It was 39 when we woke up, but obviously it was colder than that sometime during the night. The low was predicted to be 40. It’s a bummer not necessarily because of the replanting, but because we had many heirloom varieties from Seed Savers and elsewhere that aren’t available at a greenhouse or garden center. We’ll have to check to see if we have any seeds leftover and start over. The frost also killed the new, tender leaves on the year-old walnut and chestnut trees.

But there’s still lots of things to do – here are Linda and the kids working on putting in the flowers started from seed.

The eggs we were incubating also started to hatch – pictures tomorrow!