April 24, 2006 – Boys and Their Toys!

Today was a day long in coming – the arrival of a scoop tractor to high hopes! Isn’t it a beauty? It’s a 1967 John Deere 2510 with a nearly new Westendorf loader, a category 2 three point hitch, and wide front end. I’d been looking at tractors for a while and finally found this one. The arrival of a tractor ranks in importance somewhere between a new car and new house.

The next three pictures are a story of three photographers. The picture above was taken by Emma.

Mark took this picture.

Here’s Martin’s picture! As a young boy, he made sure to get all tractor and cut the people off the top!

I’m excited about the tractor for a number of reasons, not the least of which is my back. Lots less lifting and moving of heavy things with the back. Able to move a big bale when the time comes. Many folks made the tractor possible – “financing” by Grandma Jo, pre-sale inspection by Linda’s Uncle Wayne, and finally driving the beast home by Two Friends Farm. Curiously, the tractor was for sale about 16 miles away alongside Hwy 330. As we were driving it home, Claire was coming home from Des Moines with her TAG teacher, Grandma Jo and her partner for History Day competition at the State Historical Center in Des Moines and they passed us and waved wildly!

Also got five new apple trees grafted from the old near-dead tree in our yard onto new rootstocks courtesy of Two Friends farm. I just put them in the garden for this year to get established. It’s a very early apple – mid-July and makes great sauce and is in the right season to make raspberry-applesauce.

4 thoughts on “April 24, 2006 – Boys and Their Toys!

  1. Congratulations! You will love it. My favorite thing is putting in and taking out t-posts with the bucket. Makes fast work of setting up/taking out cattle-panel trellis in the garden.

  2. I lived without a bucket for years and now wonder how I did it. It lifts, holds, trucks, pulls, jacks, and oh yeah scoops dirt. Their Great!! My FIL primary tractor on his 230 acre dairy farm was a 2510. It’ll do everything you need it to do.

  3. Uh…I’m new to this comment site. Do I have to own a tractor to post here? Must it be a John Deere? Is it enough to be a past member of the Practical Farmers of Iowa? I also own a walk-behind Troy-Built (actually Garden-Way) sickel-bar mowing machine. Would that count for posting purposes? Does anyone know, can I get a three-point hitch and attachments for the walk-behind machine?

    Woodman from Oregon

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