January 28, 2006 – The Season Begins

Last night it got about as quiet as it gets around here. Sent the kids to bed, went for a short walk in the thick fog (a cloudy, foggy night is very dark in these parts) and then came back and started to order seeds for the coming season.
seed order
We’re excited to try some new varieties, especially since the Grinnell Market seemed to gravitate towards the heirloom type tomatoes. So we got out all the catalogs, a bottle of wine and began. This past year we readied 150 feet for new raspberries, so we ordered 75 feet worth of blackberries, 50 feet of early fall raspberries, and 25 feet of golden fall raspberries.
This is, of course, the best part of the gardening season as weeds, bugs, and hot/cold are absent from the seed catalog photos. This year’s most mouth-watering pictures goes to the Seeds of Change organic seed catalog. As it is near Santa Fe, we checked out if they were open for tours in March when we will visit, but alas, tours are only in the late summer. Some of out other favorite catalogs are St. Lawrence Nursery for northern-hards organic fruit trees, Pinetree Garden Seeds, especially for their small seed packs that lets us try more different varieties without paying more, and Seed Savers Exchange.