January 3, 2006 – 2005 in Review

Ok, I’m behind a bit on my “best of” lists. At any rate, here is a month-by-month selection of my favorite entries from each month in 2005.

February – The blog began this month. The mismatched socks and comments show all that a blog can be!

March – Hopeful signs of spring. I treasure the days when Martin and Daddy both have fun!

April – One of the things I most associate with Iowa’s natural landscape is prairies. This is a mini-pictorial of a controlled prairie burn. Ok, I have to sneak in two this month, so here’s the May – Goats and all their quirks were a notable addition to the farm this year.

June – The gardens and fruit trees begin in earnest in June.

July – Emma’s search and rescue added to my greying hair.

August – If there’s one event that capture’s the nation’s attention on Iowa, it’s the annual state fair.

September – The school tour and filming for “Market to Market” was a fun day.

October – Lots of good choices, but how can you beat graveside on Halloween?

November – Big storms in November – love the home footage of tornado ripping through amateur video taker dude’s town.

December – Early December was crisp and cold – great for a hike to a very local historical site.