December 26, 2005 – Time with Family

We were able to get away and spend some nice time with family in Rochester and the Twin Cities. This is the Barnes crew in Plymouth.
From the “out of the mouth of babes’ department, while we were passing by an elk farm, Martin tries to impress us with his holiday and animal classification skills by saying “Those (the elk) are cousins of the reindeer, cantelopes are too.”

December 23, 2005 – Dr Barnes, Goat Medicine Woman

We’ve had an outbreak of Pink Eye amongst the goats, both those visiting and resident. The treatment is similar to humans, ointment in the eye. You can imagine the fun it is to administer ointment to a goat’s eye twice a day. We had a few who had an especially bad case and needed shots of anti-biotic to help them recover. Here is Dr. Barnes, Goat Medicine woman, before administering the remedy.
goat shots