December 31, 2005 – Corn Crib Renovation

Another one of the “b list” items off the list today. The corn crib has three interior sections – one on each side used to store the corn and a middle section for equipment. We’ve already converted the middle section to a basketball court.

The two sides have large boards running diagonally like large X’s from the outside to inside walls to help keep the walls from bowing out when full of corn pressing against it. As I cannot imagine this ever holding corn on the cob like they did in those days, I wanted to reclaim that space for other uses. Here’s what it looks like before reclamation.
insdie crib
The boards are very wide, probably at least 10 inches wide, and secured very well. With a little bit of prying, sawing, and pounding, they can be convinced to come out and offer more wide open space.
insdie crib

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